Friday, November 3

10E2609: 2018 USA Snowboard Uniform - by Burton

"Burton Unveils U.S. Snowboard Team Uniforms for PyeongChang Olympic Game" - heavily NASA influenced as you can see below.

Inspired by the rich history of the American space program, the 2018 U.S. Snowboard Team uniform is both innovative in function and retro-futuristic in design. On the futuristic side, both the competition jacket and pant have a liquid metal look, thanks to an exclusive iridescent silver fabric coated in very fine, real aluminum.  - link

The thermal and ladies bobble hat pretty great too - along with the liquid metal jacket/pants combo. There is a also a full 'suit' "created with bright white non-woven Dyneema® fabric, which is the world's strongest fiber" and gold tinted googles must be de rigueur no? Not just as reference to Olympic dreams but also NASA helmet faceplates.? Too easy...
See 2014 Uniform here.