Tuesday, April 14

bookshelf -sherlock holmes

I was Sherlock Holmes for Halloween when 7. Deerstalker hat, tweed cape, and proper calabash/meerschaum pipe. Pops gave me this copy of the complete works around that time. I even wanted to name our son Basil... lost that battle haha. Anyway, the classic Basil Rathbone episodes have a special place for me (though I imagined more of them were set in Scotland, not England, maybe it was all those rainy sundays watching them while we lived in the Borders.)

Long/short am looking forward (with some reservations ... RocknRolla anyone?) to Richie's Sherlock Holmes. As usual with out of copyright works, you can read some of the orginal texts now via The Guttenberg Project. Try A Case of Identity.

Deerstalker related, one of the best live shows I ever saw was Thee Headcoats and Thee Headcoatees, in Edinburgh maybe 10 years ago... Rockabilly goes tweed. Brilliant.