Friday, April 3

kitchen tools -beyond the basics 2

A few more thoughts on this topic... we use all of these things, this isn't fantasy shopping. Nothing here over $30 except maybe #14, and you can pick those up second hand.

9. Cloth kitchen towels. Use instead of oven gloves (just don't grab a hot pan with a wet towel, the heat goes right through), wipe the rim of plates as you send them out, dry your hands, throw over your oil fire to put it out.... the list goes on.

10. Spatter screen. Stops burger grease spitting all over you and the stove, but lets water vapour out so meat gets color.

11. 2-cup measuring cup. Don't mess around, get the 2-cupper. Ours has the numbers printed on the inside of the glass too so you can read as you fill. Sneaky.

12. Potato peeler. What? Not for peeling potatoes, a peeler essential for making decent twists of lemon.

13. Bone or mother of pearl spoon. Not technically for cooking... almost in "for the man who has everything" territory but these spoons are essential if you like to eat hard boiled eggs. Metal spoons react with the sulphurous egg yolk spoiling the taste don't you know... Egg spoons will have a slightly teardrop shape as well. If you are against the idea of bone, choose a thermo-resin spoon, as from Alessi.

14. Lobster pot. Sure you only use it once or twice a year, but you can pretend you make your own stock... a spigot at the bottom would be handy for that (to drain the stock and leave all the foamy mess).