Wednesday, April 1

kitchen tools -beyond the basics

After a few bowls, spoons and a pan... what do you get to fill out the kitchen? Tongs.

1. Steel tongs (or space-shuttle-plastic tipped) are the number one next purchase in my book. You can mix, grab hot trays, add a pinch of something from your premixed bowl of herbs... even if you just use them to flip bacon you will be well served.

2. Butcher's apron. Navy, striped, standard issue. Save your shirt from grease.

3. Syrup pourer. Nice touch. Warming the amber nectar is essential.

4. Roasting pan and tray. Cook your own chicken. Nerd alert: was just scoping some pans out. Can't you just picture scraping all the browned fond off the bottom with a bit of wine and finishing the gravy... mmmm.

5. Flour sifter. Great if you have kids "helping".

6. Micro zester. OK not essential for me, but if you like cookies and cakes with lemon this will be.

7. Popover pan. My english granny had the lineage for making great yorkshire pudding (popovers) but infact they were always awfully flat (how big are yours?? oink). The trick is to barely mix the batter atall. Some leave the batter overnight even. Use some dripping from your roast in the pans. And do not, on pain of death, open the oven door to check on them.

8. Pastry scraper. I don't bake so well. Prefer being able to throw things in and change on the go... that does not work for pastry and bread. These things are pretty cool looking though. Scrrrrape all that floury dough up, chop it, move it around with these.

The font in that picture is my handwriting, created with the free YourFonts generator. Takes a few tries to get the spacing rigth but nice to have in your backpocket. Download The Thirty-Nine Steps from The Gutenberg Project, use your handwriting font, print on crumbly paper. Bosh.