Tuesday, April 21

that longhaul look

Saw one of these new-ish breathable Carhartt jackets in the wild i.e. on the T, yesterday, and they are pretty damn nice. These head to toes are like retail therapy... good times. This is pretty much my rig for plane travel though; monochromish-but-never-black clothes and a few high/lo tech goodies. Minidiscs were much bigger in Europe than here, and although a bit of a pain to sync, they allow the chance to trade mixes. The best part is you can delete a track on the fly... hate not having that feature on a shuffle. Sony from the blanks to the Eggos. Forever ago I had a beige BPM and though rely on a field watch now, have a soft spot for the hulking G-Shock, and new colorway (stoppit...) in Veuve orange... tempted.

Double-front Carhartts don't set off the airport metal detectors, at least has never happened to me. Boston bag from Muji_London (why can't you get all same stuff in the USA store... what is the holdup?) I haven't ponied up for the butcher's orange Field Notes... but the Draplin designed Longhand Set of writing implements seems a steal. For shoes, practically never wear sneakers, but on the plane will do it; tweed Purcells from JCrew if you can still find them.