Friday, November 30

10E2095: Gin & It

Gin & It is a new drinks magazine coming out in the UK from the folk behind Fire & Knives (a food magazine). The name gives away the intent but great sounding lineup as below;
"In issue One, Matthew Fort deals with stonking hangovers, Fiona Beckett sips Benedictine with the working men of Burnley, Richard Ehrlich tears into the cult of the celebrity barman and Thomas Blythe pays tribute to the Twiglet. Also contributing, established legends Trevor Gulliver, Alex Renton, Dick Bradsell, Tom Jaine, Martin Lam and Nick Strangeway as well as impressive new wordsmiths on the writing block."
 Essential reading for the "over-refreshed" as they say. This is another production related to the British food writer Tim Haward. Pretty amusing twitterfeed currently about them proofing the first issue.