Tuesday, November 27

10E2092: Cuppow - Saturday @ Somerville Public Library

This coming Saturday, a couple/three/half-dozen of the artists and techs from Fringe in Union square have agreed to speak at the Somerville library to describe the business of CUPPOW, the mason jar drinking system. Designer-makers Aaron and Josh the inventors, plus others, came together to create the original art, packaging, website, video etc - all done in-house. Hear about the trials and victories, plus thrills and skinned-knees. Social hour after courtesy of neighbors Q's Nuts and Culinary Cruisers/Kombucha (ice tea).

I have been a huge fan of this product and the business practices of this group since day one, and psyched to finally host them at the library under the banner of The Friends of the Library: Talk Design. Thanks guys. Event page here. Bring a glass fruit jar and lid... we'll take yer picture.

3pm, @ the main branch; 79 Highland Ave., Somerville, MA. Bus #88 or #90.

If you want to go H2T show up in the just released cuppow/geekhouse cyclocross kit. #beyond Then head to Pretty Things birthday bash at 6pm after the talk. Full on local vibe...