Thursday, November 8

10E2082: That Waiting In Line for (Game) Supper Look

Weather for Saturday night looks so so. Prob no snow... I'll be standing inline outside a fire station in south central Vermont waiting to buy a ticket to their fundraising game supper. 

Hat - 10engines
Belt - Topo Designs
Pants - LLBean Signature (cut is straight as a rail, so good - imported)
BYOB - DogFish Head 120 Minute - a very nice house guest trucked these up from DE. Almost caramely thick. Slow drinker. Leaves room for dinnner.
Gloves - Gore/leather/camo via Buckshot Sonny's
Jacket - Levis x Pendelton, lined.
Shirt - Johnson Woolen Mill patch shirt.
Socks - Wigwam. Red for warmth...
Shoes - Red Wing oxford. Old-man-style to the hilt.

One local reader already reported;
"Oven will be fired up Saturday morn and the decision will be made if its a red wine year or a stout beer year for the roasting...but always McKenzie maple cured bacon for the wrapping [of venison roast -ed]." 
The communal tables are usually pre-loaded with coleslaw, and cubes of cheese to nibble on. Vermont's archery season for deer ended Oct 28th, and youth deer weekend just happened. This supper is always held on the first day of deer rifle season, or Opening Day as it is known. There is chicken pot pie too - not that you'll need it. The running joke is that the dinner is free but the fee paid is for dessert - tables of fruit pies all served with cheddar. Yup. #pawlet