Monday, November 19

10E2087: Sponsored Review | Carhartt Firm-Duck, Double-Front, Flannel-Lined

Carhartt sent a pair of what they now dub "firm-duck" pants, which seems to be just unwashed, standard issue 12oz duck. That is great. These are definitely in the "new" (post 1990) cut w/ roomy waist and thighs. Oddly the boot opening seemed smallish - and quite pegged legs. Flannel lining would be great for standing around in a workshop or similar. These are not available as a made-in-USA version; $66 plus $10 off until 11/21 - via Carhartt. Not a massive hit for me honestly - would prefer straighter cut all the way and the insane proliferation of offerings they have now seems overkill. Would be curious to see sales numbers/per sku... guess what I am getting to is wondering why they let the classics slide? Wherefore art thou old quilt lined w/ zip-bottom? Would love a pair of those again. Hello ebay...

[Update 11/21/12 - correction Carrhart do still have a side zip double front pant. Now called a Waist/Overall.]