Tuesday, March 29

10E2544: Caps for Sale | Bark 'n Blaze

Did you know (as Pops would say)... Trebark® was the first hunting-specific camo introduced in the US. Created by Jim Crumley in the late 70s. Specifically for East Coast deer and turkey hunting, for when you are either up in a treestand or backed against a tree. The blog post basically writes itself.

Like the #10 bus, you wait years for quality blank caps then 2 come along at the same time...  Hell knows you don't need another cap, but I found these deadstock 80s o-fficial Trebark® twill camo caps, w/ a good peak. USA made by the famed K-Products. Pulled the trigger.  Now printed with the 10e rope logo in what we are calling avenge me orange.

Again, they have been in a box for almost 30 years so had to tease out a few wrinkles, but the print job came out sweet thanks to Pen&Screen in Oregon. No lookbook, no collaborations and no choice of colorways.   Update - Sold Out  Further Update April 22: second print run now available. Email me directly if interested. $26 gets it shipped

Wear it and feel free to tell anyone that asks that this is the name of your 'machine repair shop back in VT'. That's what most people think anyway...  Pushing the limit of farmhand chic for sure. Not for everyone. Chacun à son goût.