Tuesday, September 6

10E2562: Rockmount snap-shirts

Playing catch-up here...

Rockmount western-styled shirts are famous for their diamond shaped snaps. The book Western Shirts (co-written by Steve Weil of Rockmount) has all kinds of dating info for HBarC, Rockmount, Levis etc.

Rockmount (and Lee Stomrider jackets) famously worn by the entire crew it seems of The Misfits. Clark Gable below;

These sawtoothed, diamond snapped, made in USA shirts are selects up on Huckberry at the moment. Fine examples. I live in the blue ginghams...

In 2008, the grandfather of the Rockmount brand Jack Weil did die. Fantastic obit at the time from The Economist; a slightly unexpected source but very welcome.
"Mr Weil reckoned that a cowboy on a horse, if wearing a shirt with buttons, was liable to get snagged on sagebrush or cactus or, worse than that, get a steerhorn straight through his fancy buttonhole. He was pretty certain, too, that a cowboy losing a button would feel disinclined to sew it on again. The answer to all those difficulties was to make shirts with snap-fasteners. And for 62 years, in a red-brick warehouse in the LoDo district of Denver, Mr Weil did exactly that."