Tuesday, December 7

late to the party -robert noble

Robert Noble is a textile mill based in Peebles, the 'Borders' area of Scotland. The March Street mill (above) is long-standing but the Robert Noble name is actually an amalgam of two businesses (George Roberts and George Scott Noble of Hawick) bought by textile group Scottish Worsted and Woollens over 30 years ago. Further reading.

Long/short, this tweed mill has been operating for over 100 years. I went to high school in Peebles for a short time and never heard of it though; my loss. Guess was more interested in not getting beaten up for being a "yank". In Vermont I was seen as a Redcoat... you can't win. Streetview is pretty amazing though right... we would get lunch at this local chippy or rake through this great charity shop for old records or grandpa type clothes (and great ironmonger next door too). #desktopvacation There are some veggie friendly cafes, a great deli for cheese/olives etc, quite a cool wee town actually.

Tweed pr0n from Robert Noble below who provide fabric (lots of tweeds but twill too) to a few names you may know; Ben Silver, Brooks Bros., JCrew, and just saw in the Cambridge, MA shop this A.M. -to JPress (e.g. this 3 piece, 3/2 which looks much better in person).