Monday, December 20

erskine grain store

Watercolor painting R B Erskine Grain Store by Debra Webster Irons

Pops' has been a customer of the Erskine grain store in Chester, Vermont for 20 years. They do a "thank you" event each year before Christmas -meatball lunch. Sis has been helping out a ton w/ the chickens and horses over the last year and went along to socialise and took some pics. Her notes;
I realised I was becoming a regular the day that our account papers were sitting out on the desk waiting for me as I walked through the door. They still use a very simple system of paper chits and it works for them... none of that new fangled computer stuff. Keep it simple! Anyway, back to the meatballs... nestled in among the rows of shovels, mason jars, potting soil and barbed wire are a number of crockpots gently care-taking an array of meat based dishes.
Read her full report on the scene at Erskine's store here.

Crockpots simmering left, and fiddler John Specker tuning up behind the counter.