Thursday, December 9

that beginning to look like winter look -grommit edition

All the pieces are in place now... after 2 seasons, we figured out what works/needs to be replaced/fits for the young. Now east coast just needs snow (Jay Peak got nailed last night I guess... good start.)

Helmet: Bern Nino. Second year with this one. Adjusts with a crank in the back like modern bike helmets. Kids don't seem to care about goggles too much...
Jacket and bibs: LLBean.
Headsock. Also warms neck/chin and isn't bulky.
Gloves: LBow. These stay on, big time.
Scored used Burton board/boot/bindings from the annual "ski" sale at Stratton Ski School. Good crowd.
Oat/honey/chocolate/crisp rice&cinnamon 'granola' bars from Vermont Nut Free. We are not anaphylactic (hell the kid subsists on PB&J) but might be good to bring incase his buddies show up...