Thursday, December 9

cabot watch company

I am not a watch guy. Found this though, and like the blunt style.

Founded in 1972, Cabot Watch Company (CWC) has been a contractor to H.M. forces for over 30 years. There are only two ways to obtain a new genuine CWC; either join the forces or buy one from Silvermans Ltd. in London.

Yes, you can buy a retooled military-ish Timex for $150 (and very nice too) but the anglophiles might want something a little more... you know RAF. $200 with a few extra bands. Note, genuine issue watch straps are heat-welded as specified and purchased by MOD. Beware copies that are stitched... red wine with fish etc.

If you have $900 to spend... let me introduce the Royal Navy divers automatic watch. Silver without date.
This genuine CWC automatic divers' watch has been made to exacting MOD specs. It was issued for approximately one year and replaced the Rolex Submariner Automatic in the early 80s. It was then replaced by the CWC RN quartz divers' watch, which is still in current service today...
-via CWC