Tuesday, July 9

10E2206: BNTO - By Cuppow

Taking inspiration from bento boxes, the folks at CUPPOW have created a modular insert to turn a canning jar into a compartmentalized lunchbox; meet BNTO

Not only keeps your food seperated until you need it, but can also act as a little dipper bowl. Or, keep a few ice cubes in there till you need them to add to your liquid dinner... Just sayin! The 6-oz BNTO works with  wide mouth canning jars (jar sold separately). Made from BPA/BPS-free rigid plastic (as are the CUPPOW lids). Reusable and dishwasher safe (top rack). Product and Packaging made in the USA, from 100% recycled materials. $8.

Is this a solution that needed to be created? Hell yes. Sure I can throw a container of vinaigrette into a bigger container of salad but my greens get all squashed - like the lunch I brought in today... no joke. Not gonna lie - I think our Somerville neighbors at CUPPOW/Fringe are the bee's knees anyway, but this insert will be v v handy. #wellplayed #perfecttiming