Friday, July 26

10E2217: Leather Works Minnesota - Cousin Johnny's Cowboy Wallet

You had me at cowboy... 

I never post about wallets and leathery stuff generally but the sheer simplicity and "everything you need and nothing you don't" of this one-snap-billfold from Leather Works Minnesota grabbed me. $25. This wallet would have been perfect for Mrs 10E's grandpa. If he couldn't buy whatever it was with the wedge of cash in his wallet then he didn't need it. Credit cards... credit? Four letter word followed. That four letter word was cash.

Have a look at their toothpick holder. Just looks solid. Not scrappy leather hastily stitched - though I imagine they are utilizing scraps of leftovers - leathers come from Ohio, California, and Red Wing, Minnesota. I see you triple-stitched ends! Lee and Kent Begnaud are the bosses here (and parents) - NorthernGrade regulars I understand. 

The filmer of their video below says "It's 90 degrees in MN right now, but let us not forget what life's like when it's 09 degrees." Here here.