Tuesday, July 23

10E2214: Mobile Farmers Market x Bookdrop in Somerville

Bit of cross-promotion here... in collaboration with Shape Up Somerville, Groundwork Somerville and Enterprise Farm - The Friends of the Somerville Public Library (my side gig) are involved in a veggy/book swap. This brings a selection of free veg to the Somerville central library each Monday in the summer and in exchange trades a box of books to be given away at the mobile farmer's market as it stops around Somerville (MA). "Salad" turnips... have you had those as above at top? Great roasted w garlic or chilled and sliced raw in a salad. Above was Monday's latest drop - awesome corn/onion/carrots/cucumbers/squash

Huge thanks to our admin partner and farm-truck-driver Liana for continuing our partnership for this second year. People have definitely got the memo about beets being so good - last year there was always a good haul left over (as below pictures below) but not so many this year. 

This gent Perry was a volunteer last year. Knows the score. #beets #veggypower