Monday, July 1

10E2200: Modern Farmer

Modern Farmer (ident and image above by Thomas Wilder) is a new magazine for, not modern bigtime/industrial farmers perhaps, but those that want to know more about small and large scale food production - and definitely for food-blog reading types that want ot stretch themselves as well as small growers.
"There has been a movement afoot in recent years to make connections between what we eat, how we live and the planet.Modern Farmer exists for people who want to be a part of that movement—it is for window-herb growers, career farmers, people who have chickens, people who want to have chickens and anyone who wants to know more about how food reaches their plate." - Modern Farmer
This first issue has a neat article about a guy on Bruny Island on Tasmania (fave spot of Rohan Anderson's) and their tote bags are made by Pointer Brand - simply name checked as L.C. King Manufacturing Co. here but you read blogs so you know the deal. Lots of the featured articles on online now - further reading.