Sunday, November 8

but first shoot your deer -venison stew

Foolproof recipe for venison (or even beef) stew, from Pops (as before). I missed out the juniper berries, and threw in some old mashed potatoes to thicken it. Man, when you brown the venison (or whatever) in the bacon fat, it is pretty tempting just to stop there... #ribsticker. Sidenote: Pawlet (southern VT) Game Supper 2009 coming up next week. 2008 post here.

Housekeeping: there is plenty room for discussion @10engines on the variety and ethics of hunting, or even eating meat for that matter. Just as healthy discussion needed on types of farming. I enjoy venison but have never shot a deer myself, though not opposed to it. Have only been bird-hunting, and was basically the cook on that occasion anyway (birds simmered in apple bubbly, not bad).