Tuesday, November 10

the straight story -let's try again

Second post on this David Lynch offering; The Straight Story. This retelling of a true story deals with mistakes, amends, and brotherly love... though Alvin does break his sobriety to face his brother (a sobriety that was fairly essential, so bit of a mixed message.) The WWII vet, Alvin Straight (Richard Farnsworth) drives his lawnmower over 200 miles to visit his sickly brother after receiving news of the brother's stroke. Above is the Japanese version of the poster...beats the hell out of the US 1 sheet. 1 oddity, on the dvd there are no chapters... Lynch wants you to watch it all in 1 sitting. Rated G, released by Disney, but listen between the lines and there is some darker stuff here as you would imagine. Below, some looks from Alvin and co.