Tuesday, November 24

that 4x4x8 look -2

Another 2 cords of wood have been unceremoniously dumped at Pops' place, probably blocking the garage door. Time to stack. Get a line going... lay some old planks down to keep the air moving underneath, square the ends. We have a beater tapeplayer down there, with Pablohoney (still holds up imho) on continuous play... remember that function, that was a big one.

Jacket: Penfield (Stapleton Tweed)
Shirt: Folk
Hanky: Hill-Side. These are much thicker than a regular bandana. Really need to earn it to break them in... Completely onboard with the Hickorees Hard Goods idea. Great photos of the Pointer stuff, v. reasonable.
Wallet: Warhorse (sucker for that whipstitching, though generally tread pretty carefully w bikewallet/chain/keys)
Belt: Tanner
Gloves: Carhartt fencers.
Shoes: XtraTuf. Big in Alaska (fisheries etc) apparently, new to me.

[Just a note, some of these looks are a bit nod*wink you understand right?? a) would never buy a $200 shirt and b) would not wear it to stack wood... Will say I'm on the hunt for any of that Penfield stuff... have barely seen 1 piece in the wild and they are just hammering those styles, love it. Also, I've been outed on my work-glove-problem (cheap habit though) by a consistently great blog MenAndWomenOfIndustry. Santé Jedd.]

Looks slightly like a bat/pig here, but this is the fox fireback for the big fireplace...