Wednesday, May 25

alistair smith -pacific crest collection

Final year fashion student Alistair Smith has taken inspriation from the story of the Pacific Crest Trail that stretches the length of the left coast. He says that on this trail the history of many well known and idolized American outdoor brands developed and tested their first products.

Snap review, you may see shades of Nigel Cabourn here which may be so, Alistair did a year placement with NC. Bunch of cool touches as well though. Alistair said via email; "I understand that the clothing is not really vintage 'repro', but hopefully it's an interpretation that pays homage to the original gear." Good stuff. A bit more at his site, including a woodsy lookbook video.
The pacific crest collection is a celebration of the primitive outdoor gear and customized sportswear that helped thru-hikers on the trail in those early years of adventure & discovery... The result is a collection of garments that mix old with new, natural fabrics and vintage inspired finishes with small references to those early designs by [then] young outdoor companies such as Gerry, The North Face, REI, Sierra Designs and Patagonia.