Monday, May 2


Dunderdon was founded by carpenter Per-Ivan Hagberg [in Sweden -ed.] on the premise of creating distinct clothing that could also stand up to the demands of various workplaces of Scandinavian tradesmen. Launched in 1997 with a single pair of pants, that quickly became the national standard for builders and craftsmen, Hagberg eventually built on that success into a full collection for both men and women.

The Savile: You founded Dunderdon on work wear, well before its resurgence in modern day America. What do you think of this resurgence? What about work wear in general inspired you to base Dunderdon around it?

Per-Ivan: Fashion will always return to work wear because it is based on function. Historically, work wear, sport and military is where all innovation has taken place and that’s why I feel these elements will always influence fashion. There will be periods of decadence, but people will always return to things that have authentic purpose. Dunderdon was founded on this belief.
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Had not heard of Dunderdon till recently (Thx Rob). They have a store in Soho/NYC and one in Portland, OR soon. Clean lines all the way, little excessive detail or material. #like. 1/2 of this Swedish workwear type, and other items more fashion forward. See it online here. Reasonably priced (pants and knits under $100, though some on sale).