Thursday, May 5

shop visit -ball and buck

In a nutshell, Ball and Buck is a store in Boston that is committed to selling 100% made in the USA garments. Created by Mark Bollman with Tiffany Lien the shop pays homage to, hell it prays at, the altar of Americana. The selection is partly hunting inspired and part rustic-chic (yes I said it). Just realized that the store is literally a shotgun shack...

Went round last week with Ms. N'EastStyle and her man to do the chat and hear more about Ball and Buck and what they have planned.

To put it in black and white they currently carry: Left Field Chinos, Jack Donnelly khakis, Fox River socks, Tenneson denim, Wolverine boots, Bill's Khakis, Gitman Vintage, Schott Perfecto (all over the blaze orange duffle), Portland General Store scents, Baxter's of California, Randolph Engineering, Caswell Massey, Lodge & Co., some magazines (and soon Inventory, Fantastic Man, and American History) and more... further reading.

For 2011 they are making 2 moves; bringing in more stock, and hosting events in and out of store.

New products offered will be; Two Feet Ahead socks, Groceries, Quoddy boots and shoes, Walk-Over suede bucks, new Tellasons, Ball and Buck made button-downs (possibly a red chambray short sleeve popover -blog nectar basically...), Bills Khakis shorts, Ball and Buck leather sandals, Klein Tools canvas products, Apolis chambray board shorts and field jackets, Makr bags, Baldwin denim, Maxx & Unicorn wallets, and later, Alden shoes.

That is all great, and if you are a fenceposter/archivisti/disciple you may own some of that stuff already -but where Mark and Tiffany plan on making this a full experience is in offering some educational events. Beer/whiskey tastings -nice, movie screenings and music sponsorship -cool, butcher's class, pig roast, maybe shucking demos followed by a trip to the shooting range while learning to strop a straight razor? Bases covered. An open air version of the shop as a one-time flea market may be on the cards as well -I think that is just an excuse for a whiffle ball tourney in the background though.

Still with me? They gave us a grip of camo/blaze beer warmers as below... first person to email me gets these. Update: Gone. Good job Barrett. Thx guys.