Friday, May 6

storycorps original animated shorts

Have not checked in on StoryCorps in forever... they have started animating some of the oral histories, great idea. The circle is completed by featuring Studs Terkel, a godfather of the academic oral history tradition (at least in the US) who was one of the inspirations for StoryCorps in the first place.

I am not an offcianado on Studs Terkel by any means, but this bio from his site sums up part of his life work;
On "The Studs Terkel Program," which was heard on Chicago's fine arts radio station WFMT from 1952 to 1997, Terkel interviewed Chicagoans and national and international figures who helped shape the past century. The program included guests who were politicians, writers, activists, labor organizers, performing artists, and architects among others.