Friday, May 27

they had me at 'breakfast martini'

Made in Herefordshire in England, Chase Distillery's original potato based vodka was voted World's Best Vodka by the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2010. Check this description;
To make it, we grow, mash, ferment, strip and distil our own full pedigree, gluten free, King Edward & Lady Claire potatoes on our Herefordshire farm. We use only traditional artisan methods that a distiller of over 100 years ago would recognise using our pretty bespoke copper batch pot and unique 70 foot rectification column (tallest in Europe)...

Then head distiller Jamie Baxter decided to marinate the award winning potato vodka with marmalade in the belly of their gin still for 24 hours... The next day it is boiled up and infused with Seville Orange peel in their Carter Head Style copper. They say it is great for mixing or simply sipping over ice, or perhaps in an English Breakfast Martini?