Thursday, July 21

10engines over at details -my style icon

As I have said before, I’ve always been a fan of local heroes over movie stars, and the-girl-next-door over glamour models. Luckily I was ‘the-boy-next-door’ so that worked out well for me...

Anyway, one of my style icons is a family friend of ours in Vermont, an older gent with an epic preppy/woodsy vibe who has been a quiet mentor to me, my brothers and other lads in the area. Head over to and you can read my shout out to him. BTW check the wine cork used as a bobber on his fishing line, classic. Cheers to you Byrdy.

Have to add one more anecdote about coming back from camp (by “camp” meaning the vernacular wood structure that was the hunting basecamp);
There was a pegboard over the stove covered in dried spaghetti from years of “testing” to see if it done, or we might have “champagne chicken” cooked in homebrewed apple bubbly for dinner. Pitch black morning wake ups of course, with pitch black coffee. Requisite old Playboys in the bookshelf. You think a 17 y/o kid was enjoying this? It is now 20-odd years later and it is burned in my memory...

I remember one classic ride back home, we were in the pickup but as no back seat my brother had to ride in the bed, bungeed onto a lawn chair, during a thunder storm... he freekin loved it.