Monday, July 11

perfect weather last w/e

70-odd degress and no humidty. Does not get much better. Add a pond into the mix and you can entertain kids of all ages. Crawfish, frogs, tadpoles and brook trout were the main attractions.

One of the old horse stalls has been converted into a private chicken coop for these spring chicks, as the guinea hens tend to terminally harrass them... Luxury. The sliding door to their outside ramp is visible, more obvious from below.

Barn score. Andover Shop madras bowtie.

Heard a kee-lassic anecdote that I have to steal/repeat here... Our friend had a reservation for last ferry to get his car over to Nantucket, and was waiting it out in a bar near the terminal [the Raw Bar -ed?]. The Sox are on. It is a random night, no playoff or anything (still summer), anyhow, walkoff moon shot from the Olde Towne Team and a voice rips out (get your Boston accent ready...), "fKin SOX WIN! EveRYBOdy IS DoIN' SHOTS!" And this salty dude buys the bar a round. #epic

Saturday's Whiffle(TM) game went on into the night. Serious pitching. There was a backstop involved. A family of six brothers in the outfield. No messing.