Saturday, July 2

reblog -whiffle ball

Bit late for this.. but does anything mark the start of summer like seeing the boxes of Wiffletm bats out at the drugstore? Great factory tour and potted history below from WSJ on this 1950's invention out of Connecticut. Playing with some friends a while back and one gent noted dryly, "I have 27 piches... yeah, 9 different pitches from 3 different arm angles..." Cheers Brady.

A whiffle meanwhile, the crew cut, predates this. (The name Wiffle came from to wiff / strikeout anyway.)

whiffle n. whiffle cut informal a very short haircut worn by U.S. soldiers in World War II. -via The Oxford Essential Dictionary of the U.S. Military. Berkley Books, 2001. Oxford Reference Online.

Now go read this humorous article via the WSJ, The 22 Rules of Backyard Wiffle. Guess I was guilty on Rule #19...