Thursday, July 14

spindrift soda

Spindrift soda is made with fresh squeezed juice; specific amounts of fruit~ 1/2 a fresh orange, 1/4 of a fresh grapefruit, a whole lemon, 8 blackberries~ and added sparkling water with some evaporated cane juice. Sodas made every 4-6 weeks in tiny batchs, then stored and distributed cold. About $2.50.

Spindrift is brewed and bottled in Worcester, MA. The man behind it, Bill Creelman, who lives in Charlestown, says a spindrift is "the whitewash of a wave." It's a term he picked up while working on a fishing boat. It is health conscious as made from a fresh puree of the fruit so retaining fibers, and the company donates back to water resource preservation.

"There is a bit of a personal crusade to this soda," Creelman said. "Though I realize it's a fun category for people too. It's not called sparkling juice for a reason. Because that's boring. Soda is supposed to be fun."