Wednesday, September 7

capita -nas

Are you sick of your snowboard having more gimmicks than a late night infomercial?
Are you confused by the 80 different camber types in the market this year, and wonder why the “top companies” market completely contradictory design philosophies?
Do you think it’s silly when people say things like “camber is obsolete” and remember a time when a Normal Ass Snowboard [NAS -ed.] was all you needed to shred your face off?

I dont know these guys, nor have I ridden the boards, but really like their fk'n style. The copy is insane. Not sure how snowboards companies got the green light on dreaming up such loppy names for the new tech but I'm a massive fan, and Capita is riddled with trademarked "technology" (Death Grip™, GET HUGE™, Full Circle Technology™ etc.) So good. The responsibly manufactured Green Machine board is made using hippie blood... #classic The board they have recreated and tweeked for over 10 years basically features a black topsheet and a skull. #minimal Then they get silly with glow in the dark inks for nighttime evil. You would too if you could do whatever you wanted right? Defenders of Awesome indeed.