Thursday, September 1

decoys for decor

If your place is sparse, a row of decoys might seem a little OTT. Pushing it. If your house already is jammed with dust collectors collectables then they are just one more way to start a conversation. Each one has a story; where it was bought/found, who used it, who made it, remember that time when... For extra points you keep the decoys seasonally aligned, that is in the winter you face them to the south. No, not kidding.

You can find them all over but the cork bodied ones from LLBean look and feel great. If you are using these as the manufacturer intended (ie waterfowling), the compressed cork allows them to float even in rough water, but better still they are not absorbant -so won't rot. Last for years. Nice little potted history of the product below.

Duck hunting seson is next month in VT. Full details here, greatest hits above.

A lot of parephernalia associated with the all this. Good excuse to buy a decoy bag...