Monday, September 26

"made right here" -via allplaidout

Max Wastler and Joe Gannon (the guys behind Buckshot Sonny's btw) have another project they have finally revealed. The idea is for a video program highlighting various craftspeople around the nation but also some perhaps otherwise unsung manufacturing types;
The show is called Made Right Here. It's our desire to not only show how it's made, not only where it's made, but to also show the people who make it. We want to tell their stories... These people are craftspeople who've dedicated their lives to mastering a skill, a skill that is really tough to do.
-via AllPlaidOut

Over the years there have been a few "made in the USA" type shows so I asked Max point blank, so what makes yours different? His reply:
"We are interested in drawing out the story of the maker and in learning how to make it ourselves. I want to learn more about Nestor at I+W or the woman at L.L. Bean who shucks the barnacled rubbers.

We want to show that these people exist. Give them a platform to talk about what they love -- at work and away from work. My favorite quote from Pointer was when I commented on a woman's Victorinox watch, she replied, "Smoking paid for that watch." as in Marlboro.

Those kinds of stories, struggle and triumphs of America's workers, that's what I'm interested in. The why behind the creation of product in a place where it's really expensive to get stuff made. Make sense?"
Completely. I was sold at barnacled rubbers... Has to be said the back and forth between talkative Max and quiet man Joe is part of the draw too. Watch the pilot teaser here.