Thursday, May 10

book sale coming up at somerville (ma) central branch

Been busy in the off-hours helping The Friends of the Somerville Public Library organize their upcoming Spring Book Sale. If any Cambridge/Medford/Somerville types care to assist please email me at

The 3-day book sale is great, with prices ranging from $1 all the way up to $2... I'll be roaming the floor on Friday so drop in. On Saturday May 19th we are aligned with Somerville's PorchFest and will have 3 performances in the forecourt outside; Yani Batteau 12-2pm (vintage country - banjo), Jordan Voelker 2-3ish (sing-alongs with tunes on the fiddle, ukulele, autoharp, and musical saw - nice), and Flightless Buttress 3ish-4ish (guitar, cello, dulcimer? classical meets classic rock but more than that really). Anyway, full slate.

Just to flesh this out a bit; The Friends of the Somerville Public Library is a not-for-profit organization that helps the library and its branches to provide programs, services and materials not covered by the library's normal operating budget. It is 100% staffed by volunteers. The Friends provide funds for the popular Museum Passes program, license fees for movie screenings, co-sponsor Somerville Reads and more, so the Library can offer a variety of children's, young adult, and adult programs. If you don't use the Museum Passes already, get over here and check it out. Fantastic resource.

One more thing... I have been working to create some progamming for The Friends, organizing a series of five talks to be held at the library by arts/design types you will easily recognize from other 10engines posts. Pretty jazzed about this. If this sounds like something that interests follow along at now for times, dates, tickets; details released soon. If you would like to be involved in this series as a speaker or volunteer feel free to email me directly.

It feels like Friday...