Thursday, May 17

sav-mor x library | 2 worlds collide

If you read 10e you will know I've been posting the great/cheeky signs created by our local package store for a few years. This week they humoured me in my role as Friend of the Somerville Public Library by creating a sign for our upcoming book sale. 2 worlds collide. Huge thanks to the people at Sav-Mor for going along with this (and Brendan the intermediary).

Hopefully see you at the sale; I'll be there all tomorrow - 79 Highland ave. Times below.

Friday, May 18th: 12-4 pm
Saturday, May 19th: 10-4 pm (+ Yani Batteau + Jordan Voelker + Flightless Buttress for PorchFest)
Sunday, May 20th: 1:30-3:30 pm

Or see you at the packy...