Tuesday, July 3

10E1990g: New CUPPOW lid. Regular sized. Giveaway

The guys from Fringe (in Union Square, Somerville MA) are back with a second CUPPOW lid now sized to fit 'regular' mouthed Ball jars. Since day 1 of their Mason-jar-lid project people have been asking for this follow up item, especially the Mason jar-attached to-blender crowd... This second lid also introduces STRAW-TEK formed to secure small to large straws #bosoxreference?. They don't crow about it but a new design scheme also reduces the cardboard packaging by about 30% as well. Machined in the USA (Massachusetts I believe), still $8. Their FB has a list of brickmortar retailers; link. BTW Kid, don't drink that...

Giveaway: Have 1 of these new lids to giveaway. Leave a comment or RT and winner announced at 5pm. [Update twitter user @Draketland was pulled as the winner of the CUPPOW lid. Congrats to him and thanks to everyone.] We have a bunch of the small "quilted" Ball jars somehow - and now that the heat is on we're all over carrying a constant glass of cold water so perfect timing; sidenote 100% behind DrinkWater too. Bet you have a few jars kicking around too... #repurpose

On a related note; the gents of CUPPOW will be the next speakers at the Somerville Public Library in the Arts/Design series  -  late July or early August (we just had Aaron 'Field Notes' Draplin speak so the bar is set pretty high...). Follow facebook.com/friendssomervillepubliclibrary or @Friends_SPL for more info.