Monday, July 9

10E1992: 4th of July in a small VT town

This particular town in VT has mandated dirt roads; to keep the taxes low and the tourists out... the open musical parade has been going over 30 years with some of the same participants.

Yes, yes GTH star trousers, but check the striped pocket linings. #upanotch 


2 sticks works fine too. Yankee Doodle was the tune here.

The owner of this ratted out pickup may look like a rougher version of Elliot Gould midway through MASH but he also provided Hendricks martins w/ olives.  And then cooked up steamers at the picnic that followed... #wellplayed #notforsale Split seat Toyota below was mint.

Great shirt. This couple enlightened me on the new Long Trail cans too. 


Style icon WB pouring homemade apple bubbly from an old jeroboam I believe. Good stuff.

Tan like a seawater line. Probably got a half-moon snapback mark too...

This hand-cranked ice cream maker had been used in this valley for almost 100 years. I used it as a kid at summer camp, friends have had it at their weddings, now our boys crank it too. Lot of salt dumped onto the ice to speed up melting and so draw heat away from the strawberry/cream mix inside. I think that is the physics... ??