Thursday, July 12

10E1998: LV112 the lightship 'Nantucket'

The lightships named Nantucket that stood guard over the New York / Europe shipping lane for over 100 years have gone through several incarnations, with LV112 being the last surviving ship in a general orginal state - now moored in East Boston. Further reading. The last ship, Nantucket II is the one you often see moored in Boston Harbor (Rowes Wharf), but it has been rescued and fully refurbed as a pleasure boat now. Would be a hoot.

Anyhow, nice potted history below about life on a lightship, including tricks like using a wet table cloth so plates don't slide around. Or when headed back to MV after a month or more at sea the men would call ahead to the Leeside Tavern (now Leeside Bar & Grill) and tell the bartender to get some cash so they could cash their checks, and then attempt to drink all the beer in Woods Hole...