Thursday, August 16

10E2023: Bachelor Dinner | 3

Basically the burgers and mushrooms are a coleslaw-delivery-system. Homemade 'slaw FTW.

It can get a little silly celebrating (or mourning) the countless anniversaries of celebs, but it is currently Bukowski's birthday anniversary, the anniversary of Elvis' death, and would have been Julia Child's (not Childs') 100th birthday give or take a day.

The only pictures we have in our kitchen are an old B&W of my bruv at The Rosebud diner, and a photo of a younger Elvis. #fans Copy of EP's early album Sunshine on RDIO right now - hat tip to TheFoxIsBlack, no relation. Sunshine basically a studio version of the songs Elvis was doing on the Louisiana Hayride tour/radio show. Good stuff.

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