Friday, August 31

10E2030: That Lakefront Look

Can you believe there is already a slight chill in the air? Packing for lakefront R&R, hope they have a coffee maker... Bringing our own paddles and vests though.

Jacket: old Levi's Trucker w/ Troy lining.
Bag: Friends of the Somerville Public Library 24oz canvas. $50 to members. Badass. Huge. Email me for more info...
Pants: Stan Ray Camp Trouser, previously available at Hickoree's. Dirt cheap, made in Texas.
Shoes; LLBean Ducks. Essential.
Belt: TOPO Designs Web Belt.
Tee: Poler Awesome Owl
Green Mountain Tick Repellent: A friend brews this herself partly using Lemongrass and Cedarwood. Works and smells great. $10.