Friday, September 14

10E2043: Vintage Menswear - A Collection from The Vintage Showroom

"The Vintage Showroom Ltd was formed in 2007 to house an ever growing archive of vintage showroom and accessories collected by co-founders Douglas Gunn and Roy Luckett. The Vintage Showroom has become one of the leading resources for vintage menswear in the UK, with the archive covering the early mid 20th century and specialising in international work, military and sports clothing, classic English tailoring and country wear."
Watch the video and you will want the book. Vintage sports/military/workwear heaven. Mostly non-US but killer Amercian pieces too. Never been to the place myself but if you are huge #menswear nerd you will have read/remember ACL's visit in 2010. Available to pre-order now on Amazon for a very reasonable $31. The special cover below only available through the store though...