Thursday, December 6

10E2080: Kodachrome - and Talk @SPL

Great short documentary above about Dwayne's Photo in Kansas. They were the last option to develop Kodachrome, ending that service earlier this year. The (14-step!) development process and the facility are lovingly detailed. Def worth a look.

Beyond just being "cool" and blogworthy (like all those USN photos or guys on fishing vacations, though they admittedly are cool - check the collection at A Continuous Lean) Kodachrome was one of the first color film stocks - many of the iconic 20thC images we know and love share that intense color thus further deepening it's mystique. 

Just as cool, happening in 2 weeks is a lecture at the Somerville Public Library; A celebration of Kodachrome; discussion about why it went away and subsequent digital replacements. One small part of this, and rarely touched on in other mentions of the subject, is the story of why filmmakers (e.g. Woody Allen) tended to use B&W film well into the late 20th century... come along and hear more. The lecturers are area residents and MassArt professors - Steve and Amber Tourlentes - and both photographers in their own right. #powercouple. 
Saturday, December 22, 3pm. Plus cider and donuts... Event link here.