Thursday, December 20

10E2089: Sun Mountain Sessions Snowboard Camp @ Bromley

If you are wintering near Bromley in southern Vermont next week there is a neat and inexpensive option for a youth snowboard coaching camp. One of the instructors Andrew Maness is a 10engines friend and wanted to get the word out. Happy to oblige. Cost of instruction is $75 for the 3 days (or $30 per), lift ticket required. 12/26-12/28. Frees up mom and dad to get some runs... 
"The camp is about having fun with the natural terrain & keeping the VT style alive. We get all the kids to plan some tricks they wanna learn by the end of camp & talk with them about our experiences in the snowboard community. It's not just about improving skills on the mountain but also gaining a better understanding of the snowboard world as a business & as a family. The Sun Mountain Sessions are amazing...
Kids of all ages can do it. Usually ages range from 10-18. We've had a few kids doing it since the start so we've got to watch them grow up which is pretty cool. It's for all abilities really. We break it up by coach and skill level.
In past years we've had local guys Nate Farrell, Greg Bokencamp, Chris Waker & Evan Williams on the staff, who all grew up riding Bromley. This year myself, Tim Benasich, Jimmy Goodwin, Tyler Emond will be the main coaches. There's also a huge product giveaway & pizza party on the last day and a few special Frends are scheduled to stop by." 
Details: Dec 26th through Dec 28th - 3 days of shredtacular coaching and instruction. All proceeds go to the Ross Powers Foundation, a charitable organization committed to supporting the growth of world-class performers by offering assistance to promising athletes with financial need. To register for the Sun Sessions please contact the Bromley Ski & Snowboard School at 802 824 5522.

2012 Sun Session.