Monday, December 31

10E2093: That First Footing | Hogmanay | New Year's Eve Look

"First footing" is a tradition on New Year's eve (or Hogmanay as they call it) still practiced in Scotland. To bring a year of good luck the first person to cross the threshold after midnight should be a tall, dark, handsome man. If you fit the bill you are expected to visit many houses during the evening. Bring a dram with you to spread good cheer, as well as coal for the fireplace to symbolize warmth.

Tartan "trews" (trousers). These traditionally have a high waist and fishtail back for attaching suspenders - still part of military formalwear.
Pebble Leather Kiltie Wingtip - from Black Fleece
McCarthy's Single Malt distilled in Oregon using peat-malted barley from Scotland. $50 for a young whisk(e)y but yum.
Barbour Longstone Jacket as you nip in and out of each house.
Deadstock Arrow shirts; use etsy.
Carbon black woven silk bow tie; Beau Ties.
Incase of fog or sleet or snow, announce your arrival with a boatswain's pipe from the inventors, Acme Whistles. Also handy to shrill-ly call children to attention...

Happy New Year!