Tuesday, January 15

10E2100: Lookback - Cuppow Spoke at SPL

A few weeks back local creators Josh Resnikoff and Aaron Panone from Cuppow came to the Somerville Public Library and gave an illustrative talk on product creation, business ethics and managing their collaborative relations. Package printer Mike Dacey of Repeat Press/Fringe was also on the panel w/ their illustrator Natalya Zahn in attendance. Following their advice we are releasing this lookback on a Tuesday...

This was the third in a series of Design Talks created by The Friends of the Somerville Public Library, (full disclosure, I helped arrange these starting with Aaron Draplin then Christine 'N'East Style' Mitchell). Social hour afterwards to continue the discussion, thanks to Culinary Cruisers and Q's Nuts.

Def' watch the above clip in HD... Video by the gents from Rough Water Films, thx guys.