Wednesday, January 30

10E2111: "In The Blood" Screening + Bean Suppah

Mentioned this archival-footage/living-history documentary about a year ago on 10e and now psyched to help bring a screening of the movie to the Somerville library. Feb 9th, 2pm - event link -please join.

Creator Sumner McKane's In The Blood is ostensibly a documentary, featuring interviews with retired loggers laid over uncommon archival footage and photos of rivermen and activities in the camp. If you have seen From Stump To Ship it is that on steroids, taking every respectful advantage of technology. An hour. Trailer down below.

Upping the ante, after the movie we will serve the crowd a bean supper in the New England tradition; featuring long cooked beans w/ molasses and onions and saltpork, red hot dogs + brown bread, plus an apple cake dessert inspired by a historical camp recipe - updated by City Chicks/Homemade Modern founder Heather Schmidt. AND accompanied by live music from local picker Yani batteau. Thx everyone!

Finally some 10engines friends are supporting the effort with a raffle on the day, humbly suggest you bring $5; a loaded Ursa Major/Topo dopp kit, $100 from Timberland, box of clothing wax from Wilderness Workshop, 24oz canvas bag from Friends of the Somerville Library (sick), dvd copy of In The Blood, and a Lodge cast iron dinner "bell" (triangle) donated by BallAndBuck. [Update - Best Made Co. have just jumped in offering up a pair of their very neat enamelled mugs - thx guys.] Money raised will cover dinner costs and go towards future library programming via The Friends of the Somerville Public Library. #winwin