Tuesday, February 12

10E2117: (Boston) Baked Beans and Snow

Borrowed one of these guys last weekend, and perfect (storm) timing. Sort of modified this recipe though I'd say now; precook the bacon, and use less onion - but I pulled some of it out later and it worked. Also if you add tomato paste, do it near the end (meaning last few hours) as acidic.

Poached egg on top. Essential.

At first it is all fun and games. Kids were into it. About to be waist deep into it below...

After shovelling for a second day I was starting to quote Morrissey, "This joke isn't funny anymore..."

A neighbor was recounting the blizzard of '78 - her dad would place a beer can 4 feet ahead, on top of 4 feet of snow - and say to himself, "shovel to there." Then place another beer can 4 feet ahead and so on. Reminiscent of the "cold wrench" ad from Miller.