Tuesday, February 26

10E2124: I Wear A Helmet For 3 Reasons + Bern Promo

I wear a helmet for three reasons; and they are often at home waiting for me. This isn't a story about me though... Last week we were lucky enough to take the kids out on the hill for a few days, where I witnessed the final answer on helmet usage...   

He went till last chair. Headsock is key. 

#1 son and I were headed over the crest of Bear Down at Stratton and he caught his backside edge... Remember that scene when Brad Pitt gets clocked during the gypsybareknuckle fight in Snatch? Or when Michael Biehn gets punched out in The Abyss... talking horizontal backwards. Feet off the floor. That's what I saw. Then he landed head first.

He was shaken up for sure. Me too. But all fine and after a few deep breathes we were on our way. It happens to be that he wears a summer/winter Bern helmet (Nino model) that I bought him - though course there are other brands out there. Essential.

If you don't have something for your young ones or yourself the folk behind  Bern Unlimited are offering 10e readers a discount; use code 10engines for 10% off your purchase right now at GoAllSeason.com. Thx gents.


BTW here is another hot tip for parents; remember to check your local mountain for a lower-lift or beginner ticket. Stratton offers a lower adult mountain ticket for $15, which combined with U7 tickets for $5 paradoxically makes them the cheapest option in New England for ski/riding if you are taking beginner kids with you. Also remember to check Liftopia.com to get 10-50% most area tickets if you book in advance - I did it last week and yes it works.