Wednesday, March 27

10E2144: Tim Hayward - Food DIY

Mentioned this guy Tim Hayward a few times before (start here); he is a British food writer/do-er, and along with his wife has also revitalized an old bakery in Cambridge, Eng. called Fitzbillies. Brill'.

Anyhow - coming this Summer is a collection of his work on home-everything... Make your own butter and cheese, sloe gin, suet pudding and potted lobster. How to smoke, and cure fish and meats, air-dry bresaola and boerwoers. Pickle fish, game and vegetables. How to spit-roast a whole lamb, make a clam bake in a wheelbarrow... [like the sound of that -ed.] etc. On pre-order now.

Paging Rohan Anderson...